2015 displays new trends in video surveillance refers to Super 50%

Judging from this year's Beijing security show, security market demand increased and LED display industry has been welcomed by many security command center.
Control Center LED large screen display system is the dominant part of the scheduling system for human-computer interaction, decision-making and implementation of dispatching are in this sector, throughout the work, possession of unchallenged leading position. Consolidated supervision of production safety emergency rescue command center is a collection of information, rescue, command, control and monitoring functions, supervision and administration of information technology core, is based on safety information and emergency information-centric, communications systems for security, computer networks rely on, emergency management system as a means of production safety and emergency response command platform. Work safety management and emergency rescue of various types of emergency events to provide information assurance and decision support. Emergency rescue command, should be capable of high-definition shows a rescue level map, spot image, emergency relief and other information, for leaders to help.
according to display application of customer subject and industry different, display using situation performance for:
(1) application: video monitoring application over 50%
from application field view, currently video monitoring (security) of application highest, can accounted for to 50% above, video conference system application accounted for than in 20% around, production scheduling (industrial enterprise) accounted for than for 20%, information displayed/media (digital signs) of application accounted for than for 10%.
(2): still in the Government and public services, transportation, energy resources, finance, the four traditional
customers from industry, LCD market remains dominated by traditional industries, Government and public services, transportation, energy resources, finance industry, share a total of 14 first-half sales in 70%. Among them, the Government and the public service demand was highest in the industry, 28.7% per cent, compared with 13 sales share, a slight upgrade, transport share significantly increased 18% per cent, compared with 13 or 1.1%.
from above, video monitor display with a large share in the market, but also because of this, the competition became more fierce, video monitor display problem of homogenization of China. Analysis its reasons, main has three points:
first, from video monitoring displayed equipment of origin and the development course see, domestic video monitoring displayed equipment of started more late, development of early are is through agent abroad brand, to must stage Hou again for imitation created, to currently industry within still also no formed a innovation of concept;
Second, video monitoring displayed equipment enterprise in recent years although made has more fast of development, but enterprise of management concept, and Process system and talent equipped with, serious behind Yu industry of scale growth, and not formed industry of unified standard, although currently many company increasingly focused on management and enterprise system of construction, but long-term accumulated of bad of wind still needed more long time to completely change
third, enterprise in innovation consciousness, and innovation capacity and intellectual property protection aspects with not Shang times of development, while due to market of profit relative high, enterprise in development process in the more focused on profit and on resources of input enough attention, Lead the innovation ability of enterprises, which, to a large extent diminish the product's innovative, leading to new products can easily be imitated by other firms. BACK

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