2015 years, mobile advertising may continue to wayward?

2014 years known as the first year of mobile marketing, mobile advertising technology and rapid development, explosive growth of mobile advertising companies, the mobile DSP have sprung up there, mobile marketing presents a scene of prosperity.
never recognized by the industry as such industry big heat, the value of mobile advertising more prominent, more interesting thing, however, often there are more problems, when we are talking about marketing trends in 2015, we take a look at development in which issues are worth noting.
cold to chase Chong, mobile value highlights
a new things of produced engaged in with with various dispute and to, mobile advertising is so, from it just produced of early, on it of criticism on no stop had, due to PC end and mobile end in data, and resources, and technology, aspects exists differences, and advertising main on mobile marketing awareness insufficient, led to mobile end programmed purchase in China Development slow. Never was recognized of black, mobile advertising of footsteps Michael have rough, but market environment changes phase stay fast, now mobile advertising has became hot of marketing way, this which of changes, mobile advertising of practitioners force beauty technology of don't star empathy, he said just began with customer told mobile DSP, customer are is confused, now to with customer on cooperation, customer will first asked you have mobile DSP.
with the 4G the rapid spread of mobile phones, visionary advertisers have turned to the most promising and mobile advertising can not be ignored. And ad serving platform is stepping up this layout. According to iResearch, issued by 2014 China Mobile report on program buying is expected to 2014-2017 compound growth rates of 69.4%, much higher than the network advertising market CAGR 26.9%; mobile program to buy development for a short time until the second half of 2013, the industry participants in the process have emerged one after another, iResearch expects The market for industry as a whole will reach 390 million in 2014, and maintained a fast growth rate over the next 3 years, 2017 move programmed buying market will exceed 3.5 billion yuan.
a few days ago, targeting China's market survey, points out that 88% users can focus on their smartphones into mobile advertising, compared with TV and PC Internet advertising media, 55% of users say they welcome the mobile advertising. Among them, the 45% player will focus on mobile advertising within applications. Mobile search advertising, and mobile video ads with 40% and 34% interest rate followed. Mobile advertising platform value has become increasingly prominent, more and more advertisers began experimenting with mobile advertising.
problems, resolve needed to
the list of data from the mobile marketing industry is positively good, just like a big cake like too many people coming, especially in 2014 appeared en masse a mobile advertising platform, big companies through start-up or acquisition to launch mobile advertising platform.
the year 360 group holdings MediaV, and began to enter the mobile advertising bestv acquired aidesiqi, restructure business model; the Cheetah with the $ 30 million acquisition of interactive; Tencent has invested much au but not holding. Signs of mobile advertising platform will be Tencent Canton one of the three directions of business through 2015, tied with app advertising, micro-advertising, and advertising revenues to speak of different feed flow, advertising platform business are considered strategic business, profit no stress, but to do a market share.
1, hit, blindly follow the trend of the competitive first half of
from the second half of 2013 to 2014, after many years of accumulation of mobile advertising platform began to program buying force, professional mobile DSP, Ad Exchange and SSP platform began to appear. With Google Double Click, and InMobiob and mango, flow platform input actual using, 2014 was think is mobile DSP in China development of first year, mobile programmed purchase market increasingly mature, to force beauty technology for representative of a mobile advertising platform emerged out, many mobile DSP Platform appeared, overall market began fierce competition integration
after 2014 of eliminated integration mobile advertising market began standardized development, according to incomplete statistics, From 2013 to 2014 in the emerging mobile advertising platform is about more than 200 companies, but by the end of 2014 for the remaining approximately 40 or more mobile advertising platform, the platform does not really stick and more, mobile advertising platform to integrate at the same time, advertisers ' budgets began to increase.
2, and big platform flow open problem needed solution
2015, with mobile marketing effect of constantly upgrade, advertising main will will increased mobile end of budget, mobile advertising platform development will into high-speed development period, but while restricted mobile advertising development of flow problem still exists, now whole industry of flow provides party still is limited of Google Double Click, and InMobi, and mango and some video class flow platform, Firm control of China's most moving traffic BAT group, still holds partly concealed, vague.
we know the flow of a mobile DSP first measured in his butt platform ideally Yes, DSP was able to realize the full flow of cover, however actually flows in an open platform based on the flow of consumption capacity, bandwidth costs and other practical issues to consider, or design factors leading to traffic flow is not dripping.
thus, for some time in the future, solve traffic flow of supply problems, perhaps all the mobile DSP platform there is an urgent need to address the issue if docking platform flow cannot achieve maximum balance on the opening, then connection is crucial to the survival of the flow for DSP platforms. BACK

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