Advertising industry Park in Kunming: to create creative industry of Yunnan Highlands

As early as 2012, the State administration for industry and commerce has issued the opinions on promoting the advertising strategy and the development of the advertising industry "Twelve-Five" programme, work together to promote implementation of the advertising strategy, development of advertising across industrial park.
now has 32 cities across the country approved the establishment of the national advertising industries pilot zone, 15 of which parks have been checked, as national advertising industry Park. Advertising industry Park is a place where not only an important platform for developing the advertising industry, also became the advertising creative people willfully artificial creativity gathering place.
Kunming, seize the opportunity to build Kunming national advertising industries pilot zone in 2013, and in accordance with the "Government guidance and market operation" mode of operation. To "based Yunnan, and oriented West, and service national, and radiation South Asia" for strategy development target, is committed to construction became culture creative hatch base, and Yunnan tourism culture spread window, and South Asia creative trend gathered to, and Yunnan tiny brand hatch promotion platform, building to advertising industry for core, creative design, and Conference exhibition, and intermediary service, and software information for associated, creative commercial, and wisdom live, and experience entertainment for supporting of creative industry ecological circle.
the morning of December 5, 2014, jinding Kunming national advertising industries pilot zone "South of the clouds, the creativity of Yunnan" series launch Grand opening advertising week, declared 66,000 square, brings together 161 advertising affiliates Kunming national advertising industries pilot zone to open, added a to the national advertising industry Park layout "elements in Yunnan" event in a pen.
Gan Lin, Deputy Director of the State administration for industry and Commerce Kunming industrial park became the 32nd national advertising advertising pilot industrial park, high hopes, she believes that although the advertising industry Park started late in Kunming, but rapid development, significant progress has been made, hope industrial park to undertake good portal functions of China's Southeast.
, Deputy Governor of Yunnan province, said compared to the beautiful scenery, featured products in Yunnan plateau national awareness is not enough, want culture in Yunnan province, Yunnan province, features can be introduced to the advertising creative to more through this advertising platform for industrial park in Kunming to promote specialty products, culture and tourism development in Yunnan.
the State administration for industry and Commerce advertising division VA said: "the national advertising industry creative pilot Park in Kunming, has made a very good practice. "Zhang thought, for the local economy, and how the development of cultural and creative industries through advertising to stimulate local economic development, how to enhance the added value of the service industry, ad industry chains and on how to set up a complete ecological system, is needed to explore, the State administration for industry and Commerce and finance advertising industry Park development is strongly encouraged in the first place. Wuhua district, Kunming
Wei, Vice Mayor Wang Xun said that although there are national advertising industries pilot zone in Kunming, but from infrastructure building to the overall service, or park location planning, are in accordance with the criteria of the National Park building. Park a period planning of physical space for 80,000 square meters, integration has including "gold Ding 1919 points Park", and "with Jing Zhiku 108 points Park", and "Blue Valley creative points Park" three a points Park, formed "a nuclear three points Park" of space development layout, Park always based Yu Yunnan local features and advertising features, future Park need combined itself conditions, go features development of road. Meanwhile, we should strive to improve Park visibility, gathering outstanding creative enterprises to form brand, jinding become known and even a creative card in South Asia.
not only based in Yunnan, also by aggregating the national accelerated development of wisdom from net cultural and creative talents, cultural and creative businesses, net culture NET creative projects, the Park hired a Peking MOE advisory bodies as well as renowned experts in the advertising business in China – Yunnan xiaomingchao was involved in the advertising industry park planning and consultancy work. "Introduced to, out of to" let Park quickly get national advertising territories concern, especially 2014 launched and hosted of 2014 first "colorful Yunnan, dream homes" creative Yunnan advertising contest, through oriented national 1118 by University 500,000 students collection on Yunnan of advertising creative, will "Yunnan elements" first in China of young in the started, and success harvest has of "walking Yunnan, I for Yunnan crazy" and Yunnan of day, high value of representative Yunnan impression of advertising creative works, Creativity bears in Yunnan province was quickly lit the imagination of countless people, creative advertising competition in the country's advertising industry in Yunnan Park has become the model of innovation. Now, with the "South of the clouds, the creativity of Yunnan" advertising of the week series starts, jinding area to create a commanding point of advertising creative goals became clear.
"in Yunnan in the ' silk road economic belt and '21 century Maritime Silk Road economic belt ' connection intersection, is the channel of communication between China and countries in South, South-East Asia hub, win-win pattern of development in China and the world and usher in a rare development opportunity of the advertising industry in Yunnan province", said Gan Lin, Deputy Director of State administration for industry and commerce administration. For, Kunming national advertising industry pilot Park also active exploration and South Asia regional of advertising creative industry of Exchange and fusion development, on in December 5 of "cloud of South, and creative of Yunnan" advertising week series activities started ceremony Shang, Kunming national advertising industry pilot Park Chief Consultant--Beijing know MOE advisory limited General Manager xiaomingchao, and Yunnan fame advertising culture industry Park business development limited General Manager Lv Chenghong and India Trade Association President good yield, and India Senior Media Advisor Warren at delipulahantamu. Sharma and signed a Sino-Indian creative industry incubation services Center cooperative construction agreement. Kunming, head of the national advertising industries pilot zone xiaomingchao believes that this is advertising in Kunming industrial park surrounding the creative trends in South Asia gathered in Park position, pushing South Asia, South-East Asia advertising creative exchange promotion an important attempt to, as well as Kunming "-printed in creative advertising industry Park" concept has taken a welcome step.
national advertising industries pilot zone in Kunming industrial park's pilot zone is the third series of national advertising, but attitude of innovators and based on local characteristics of Yunnan, combined with the radiation of Yunnan's unique advantage in South Asia, to China's advertising contributed to the development of creative industry Park, a new sample. Mining of Yunnan ethnic folk customs value, radiation, advertising and creative industries gather in South East Asia, to create an element of stunning blooms in Yunnan creative heights, promoting the brand in Yunnan province to the South, towards the world, Kunming, which will let the national advertising industries pilot zone into 32 countries advertising pilot industrial park in a beautiful landscape. BACK

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