Advertising technology startup company faces four large challenges

Advertising technology provides new opportunities for startups, and it is an industry that is full of exciting changes. Of course, for advertising technology startup companies, potential for success is always accompanied by challenges, only to overcome these challenges, they can play their own name in this field.
a lot of very successful advertising technology start-ups CEO and I shared some of the challenges they face in the road to success. Here's what they found the technology start-ups in the most difficult challenge to overcome:
advertising technology start-ups is one of the biggest challenges facing competition.
, "the competition is fierce because the barriers are relatively low, and a large number of access [VC] ways of funding", said IntegralAdScience company CEOScottKnoll. IntegralAdScience is a leading provider of ad technology company, through the assessment and report on the value of each advertising opportunities to help media buyers and sellers to maximize return on investment. However, if startups can find a niche market and stand out from their competitors, the harvest would be great. "Entrepreneurs have plenty of opportunity, since most customer switching costs low, many people are willing to try new technology has not been validated", Knoll said.
TimCadogan OpenX is the CEO of the company, the company is a leading global provider of ad technology company, developing ad management and tracking system. TimCadogan recommends that businesses looking for ways to improve the company's product quality and services, rather than compete with them. "To find ways to improve the existing products on the market and companies, so that you do not have to bear unnecessary fight. "
no matter how much your startup is successful, there will always be new companies will" try to do better than you, cheaper ", says Knoll. Advertising technology start-ups are always faced with fierce competition, no matter how powerful they become.
2. rapid growth of
when an ad tech startups find their niche in the market, surge in demand for its products and services, companies need to expand and adjust to meet the needs of its expanding customer base. And for some small or not ready for start-ups, business expansion can be a challenge.
, "predicting in advance when we transition from start-up mode to scale mode, what personnel and organizational changes, this is our biggest challenge," Cadogan said, "any successful startups will go through this transformation, becoming a fast-growing ' new company ', which is of great importance. Know when it will happen, and be prepared, both of which are very important for success. "
3 ... looking for people
fast-growing another side effect is needed to find and hire new talent to meet the growing needs of start-ups.
"we must continue to recruit top talent, it won't happen overnight," Knoll said, "this is critical, because everyone in the market looking for the same kind of technical personnel. Hiring soon became the priority for our entire organization. " When Knoll when I started working in the company, IntegralAdScience a total of 18 employees work in an Office. Just 3.5 years of time, the company now has more than 175 employees in 8 locations worldwide. In a very short period of time for such a large increase of staff for start-ups is a great deal of pressure, organizations need to make an adjustment, to avoid the pain of growing.
"I of target has been is in Sharethrough as more to to everyone provides need of information, content and space", technology advertising start-up company Sharethrough of CEODanGreenberg such said, "we company currently has 130 people, and plans in next of one years in again recruitment more than 100 multiple employees, we maximum of challenge is in number increased of situation Xia, keep whole company of everyone welfare not discount".
technology, and keep pace with the changes is a challenge for startups.
"predict and prepare for digital advertising can create the next wave of opportunity for customers, creating new products that can provide real value", Cadogan said. While enterprises should strive to innovate, but they were easily distracted by new projects, new markets and new technologies, thereby ignoring can create value for their niche market. In order to survive, Cadogan stressed that "the most important thing is to focus on niche markets." BACK

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