Changes in editing sci-tech academic journals publishing mode and its developing trend

As an important part of academic research, sci-tech academic journal editing and publishing work bear show scientific and technological innovations, promote the development of scientific research of double functions in science and technology, academic exchange activities play an important role.
, according to statistics from the knowledge network, as of June 2012, "cnki (CNKI) total library electronic journals online publishing" included academic journal published by the official national 7707, total amount of full-text literature 3200duowanpian. These data suggest that the Internet more widely extended, increasing popularity of digital networked academic journals, rapid growth in Internet users, network access to digital journals has gradually become the mainstream reading habits, this will no doubt be on the traditional mode of sci-tech academic journal editing work have a significant impact. This paper attempts to analyze the historical origin and development of academic journals of science and technology, discussed from the traditional paper publication to digital online publishing model changes in editing sci-tech journals published work has brought many changes, the last for the future development of sci-tech academic journal editing and publishing to make a few comments.
of sci-tech academic journals the origin and development of
the origins of scientific journals. From a global perspective, originated in 17th century academic periodicals of science and technology. According to the encyclopedia of Soviet records, first academic journals in the world is France, published by the journal of scholars, which has published information and physical, chemical, and important invention information. First to academic journal should be United Kingdom of the philosophical transactions of the Royal Society, after 1776 to the United Kingdom proceedings of the Royal Society. In 1789, France published the first chemical notes, a professional magazine. These journals published at the time had a large influence in the scientific and technical personnel. After the 19th century, the second revolution occurred, and journals as a medium of communication, increasing influence on society, such as the United States the Institute of natural sciences of Philadelphia, and Germany's geology and Paleontology Yearbook, Japan, such as the journal of drug, the magazine publishes, promotes the development of scientific and technological progress and social civilization.
science and technology an increasing number of academic journals, abstracts and retrieval periodicals appeared, these retrieval tools in Germany of the Chemical Abstracts and the United States of the engineering index and the United Kingdom represented the Scientific Abstracts. Academic journals of science and technology has entered a phase of rapid development.
Although there is a long history of development of Chinese sci-tech academic journals, but scientific journals appear in the true sense should be started in the 19th century. To the beginning of 20th century, development of Chinese academic journals, according to the documents, in 1900-1919 years, founder of sci-tech journals with more than 100 varieties, founded in 1915 by the Chinese students in America's science is seen as an important sign of sci-tech academic journals in the early 20th century.
science and technology development of academic journals. Academic journals of science and technology development to the 20th century, its published form gradually evolved from paper to digital, this rate of change has accelerated the spread of science and technology literature information and enhanced search functions, improve the efficiency of services, a growing number of academic journals from print publishing to the digital network.
science and technology academic journal electronic edition was published in October 1976, the earliest "Electronic Information Exchange Systems (ELES)" project and the international machine readable tapes online electronic journals, such as the Chemical Abstracts (CA), the engineering index (EI), the Science Digest (SA), bibliographic databases, and through DIALOG, ORBIT, BRS, large online database systems, For users around the world to provide search services. After decades of development, electronic journals from the original floppy disk journal, CD-ROM, online periodicals, evolved into the networked electronic journals.
digital academic journal first appeared in China in the field of IT. In 1985, joined the journal of software on the Internet, first opened the Chinese academic periodicals in China. At present, China's most influential scientific journals publishing service systems with "cnki (CNKI) total library electronic network publication of academic journals" (China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database,CAJD), Journal of Chinese science and technology periodical database and Whipple data online information service system for academic periodicals of science and technology representatives. At present, the digital publishing of Chinese sci-tech academic journals in three main ways: first, in the printed version of the electronic version also provides network for online viewing or downloading; second, CD publishing; three are from the editorial, publications on electronic carriers online journals that appear, also known as "created in digital form" electronic serial publications, belonging to online distribution. Development and application of real situation, publication of journals digital network has been dominant, digital has become the trend of the times. However, due to the traditional paper-printed version of academic sci-tech journals of its many advantages, is still to be published in one of the most important forms of existence and development. BACK

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