China academic journals into the world of path

Many people in the industry have raised Chinese academic journals to go "internationalization" path, to better promote international academic exchanges.
since the reform and opening up, formally proposed by the internationalization of academic journals by the academic world. International academic journals, not only to expand their visibility and attract quality manuscripts, has far-reaching significance for the development of academic journals. In this regard, State regulators granted preferential policies, many strive for internationalization of foreign academic journals have been launched.
according to the statistics, by 2011, China's total to nearly 380 foreign published in academic journals, basically in English, 329 species of natural sciences, humanities and social science classes more than 40 species, especially after 2000 's new Capitol more than more than 80 kinds of natural science journals in foreign languages. Humanities and social science journals although relatively slow, but after 2000, types of Humanities and English-language academic journals published increased significantly.
in order to be able to meet international standards, in recent years, many periodical changes the way exclusive publication, joint publication. University cooperative publishing, is more than one school brings together the same advantages of discipline, academic resources and corresponding academic resources, enhancing the impact of journals in the world; publishers publishing was publishing house arranged all aspects of editing, proofreading, typesetting, publishing, or in cooperation with universities, research institutions, play a part. In this regard, the experts said, although with the domestic press can improve circulation and influence of the journal, but most publishers can only face the domestic market and, therefore, academic journal wants to have a bigger market to improve, may need to have the strength of foreign publishers.
in fact, the sound momentum of development of China academic market, has started working with foreign academic journals of China with foreign publishers. In recent years, the Beijing international book fair makes efforts on the foreign Publisher media to discuss cooperation with China, including cooperation with foreign academic journals in China. Elsevier, Harper-Collins, Penguin, international publishing group has worked with the youth and society and the journal of management, the political cooperation agreements with dozens of publications such as legal.
there are many successful examples in Sino-foreign cooperation, such as the Chinese and the world economy (China & World Economy). This English-language academic journal edited and published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute, has started working with well-known publishers abroad as early as 2005, the Institute is responsible for the commissioning, publication and issuance of domestic, overseas publishers for paper and electronic publications published in a foreign country. This initiative improve China's strength and influence of the world economy, making it in 2006, be included in SSCI and become well-known journals in Humanities, shot a certain fame in the international arena. BACK

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