China will become the world's second-largest mobile ad market

Internet industry rapid development and smart phone users continues to increase for China's mobile Internet market a huge boost--by the end of this year, China will replace the United Kingdom and Japan, as the world's second-largest mobile market for Internet advertising.
according to Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, December 16, according to United States assessment report e-commerce market research firm released on 15th, mobile ad spending this year, China is expected to surge from last year 276%, to 7.11 billion dollars.
as of the end of December this year, China will be the global mobile Internet advertising accounted for 15.9% of the total expenditure, second only to industry leader shares reached 46.6%--United States.
e-commerce market research firm forecast Department director Wang Haixia (voice) said, "this significant growth is driven by China's factors market, Alibaba and Baidu mobile Internet advertising revenues of the two companies accounted for 11.3% of the global total, the proportion of the domestic market in China is as high as 70%. "
e-commerce market research data shows that by 2018, China accounted for 22.2% of the global mobile advertising spending. The same year, China's total advertising spending, estimated 34% is used on a mobile platform. Li Baijian international holding company analyst at guotai Junan securities said: "all portal sites in mainland China's influence has expanded its mobile platform, mobile platforms can help advertisers reach more customers, and encourage advertisers to increase marketing spending. "
Internet search giant Baidu as an example, the company's statistical report showed that total of 13.52 billion yuan in revenue in the third quarter, mobile revenues to 36%; online marketing customers about 516,000, 11.2% more than last year. The company received from every online marketing customers average revenue of approximately 25,900 Yuan, an increase of 35.6%.
e-commerce market research firm data shows this year, including the desktop Internet and mobile digital ad revenue will reach $ 23.7 billion in China, and 45% over the last year.
digital advertising is expected in China this year will account for 37.2% of total media advertising spending, surpassing the proportion of television advertising. According to forecasts, China's share of television advertising will fall from last year's 36.3% 33.1%.
thus, the mobile advertising market in China has great potential for development and space. BACK

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