China's advertising industry is facing new opportunities and challenges

First we from Changchun public Sun Xiaojia of day said up: Dang morning people Sun Xiaojia out of House Shi, found elevator in and for has new of advertising; she into bus station, see with a car car driving of bus Shang also printing full has different of advertising publicity figure; car Hou, Sun Xiaojia holds with of standard has advertising of handrails, intends to brush micro-Bo, in waiting has 3 seconds advertising Hou, only into micro-Bo in.
"advertising has unwittingly into people's lives in every corner. "She said.
ad penetration is no one does not know, the rapid development of the advertising industry are obvious. Especially with the Internet, "rewarding", for the advertising industry to open up a more convenient and intuitive distribution channels; traditional media continue to innovate there are deeper levels of development, today's advertising industry is Bai Jia Qi, hundred flowers contend.
according to data of the China Advertising Association show in 2013, China's advertising industry total turnover exceeded 500 billion yuan, with 44 business units. 50,000 employees at 2.628 million. In 2012, all three respectively exceeded 400 billion yuan, 378,000 2.178 million people. Enterprises engaging in advertising business in China and to maintain high-speed growth.
However, development does not mean maturity. 2014 North-East Asia held in Changchun City, Jilin province, in the near future advertising on the Forum, some industry experts have suggested that the survival space of local advertising companies in China are facing serious challenges.
International Communications Group Chairman Deng Chaoming believes that local advertising companies "little weak" feature. "Although more and more private medium advertisement Corporation, advertising revenue continued to grow, but the average turnover is not ideal, only 1.12 million Yuan, and the low concentration of local advertising companies, weak, lacking not only major advertising groups, lack of professionalism and strong practical ability of individual companies. "
" my local advertising has been in a State of non-soil that is ocean, lack of integration, or traditional advertising or advertising, effective practices for local and international experience do not blend, even antagonistic to form. "National Institute of advertising President Ding junjie said.
experts believe that advertising talent shortage, the regional human resources do not balance an increasingly prominent issue.
, President of the China National Institute of advertising Ding junjie suggested, should speed up the media convergence, and to think seriously about the age of big data user changes to ads, change marketing.
China "brand has its own unique charm, like QPEC during the Chinese-made apparel, to be an indispensable element of success is the spirit of China. "Megaw (China) Chairman, high said.
Deng Chaoming said that at present, strong support from the State for the advertising industry. Such as the "Twelve-Five" program, the "promote independent brand construction, accelerating the development of international famous brand and core competitiveness of enterprises". Catalogue of national development and Reform Commission issued the readjustment of the industrial structure, creative advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising production classified in the encouraged category. Enterprises should seize the opportunity to increase brand-building efforts, promotes the development of from made in China to created in China. BACK

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