Counting 2015 ad bidding: heating cold wine variety most profitable

Following is schedule of real estate advertising market and a Creative Director's perspective and analysis, property wide before a month, known as "China's economic barometer" CCTV advertising auction held in Beijing Media Center. This time CCTV ad bidding low profile will look much better than in previous years, and declined media scene to observe.
"received in advance is higher than the total of last year. "CCTV advertising management for specific tender total secrecy. But the Centre revealed on the official website, food and beverages, household appliances, automobiles, finance, tourism, IT, cosmetic and other industries is the main force of CCTV's advertising.
Combs publicly reported, 2015 bid industry, household appliance industry was the hottest, the beverage industry is still hot, and beverage segments wine cooling.
Zhejiang satellite TV, Hunan satellite TV, Jiangsu TV, local stations such as bidding, YIG is the television media in the beverage industry's largest "Gold master" named variety shows only cost 966 million Yuan.
partly revealed, TV variety shows of great influence. Jiangsu satellite TV so do not disturb, Hunan satellite TV dad go name fees of as much as 500 million Yuan.
household appliances 30%
said one person attending a live bidding, CCTV's auction site for the day, more than 50 in the number of enterprises participating in the bidding over more than 10 from the home appliance business.
bid results, midea Group's brand little Swan and beautiful kitchen appliances with 454 million Yuan for the total bid won the prime advertising slots on CCTV bid first. Competitor gree with 280 million Yuan for winning second.
CCTV's advertising management center official website shows, with the exception of midea, gree, "four home appliance giant" Haier, Hisense electric also arrived at the scene. There are kitchen appliances manufacturer bosses and other electrical appliances.
the Center, household electrical appliance industry 2015 bid is the highest amount of industry, 32.2% of the invested amount spread over the total bid amount. Yuankuafu management consulting agency Liu Buchen, Chief Counsel, household electrical appliance industry analyst believes that continued the home appliance industry television ads for the top of the "traditional".
"household electrical appliance enterprises generally agreed that CCTV ad can be passed to the target consumer, and influence them to buy. "Liu of the 21st century business Herald said this is because the television media and associated appliances target consumer groups is higher.
Liu Buchen also believed that high total appliance industry's ads in the CCTV, but is an important factor. Helm Dong mingzhu, gree has said CCTV's advertising value not to be replaced, particularly with regard to maintaining brand image.
it is understood that the gree in CCTV's advertising these years 700 million ~8 billion every year. 2014.5 annual report, total advertising cost of gree electric appliances did not disclose the specific, but sales costs up to 9.894 billion yuan in the first half, an increase of 17.13%.
"gree led to the United States. "Liu said this is for two reasons, one is the beautiful open gree's biggest competitors, the second is CCTV's advertising campaign brings some performance upgrade-to gree gree reported a company net profit growth for the year 2011 ~2013 22.48%, 40.92%, 47.31%. Liu said the two home appliance Giants struggle, further addition of other home appliances.
industry analysts believe CCTV CCTV ads a lot of the home appliance industry is valued tentacles extend to three or four lines of the city, which is crucial to a mass consumer goods like appliances.
and household appliances have the economic power. 2014 years showed that first half of the year, 53 household appliances enterprises, 46 companies were profitable. Wind data show that 53 household electrical appliance enterprises in the net profits of 41 companies and advertising value is a positive number, that the net income of 41 companies than invested in advertising. BACK

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