Digital development of international academic journals published

The arrival of the digital age, traditional media digital schedule was put back on the table, and further promote the development trend of digital media.
with the development of computer and network technology, digital publishing and online communication since in the early 1980 of the 20th century has been an international academic journal publisher's attention, they are, without exception, with particular emphasis on developing a fully functional manuscript editing and publishing platform and information dissemination channels for authors, readers, editors, and peer reviewers to provide comprehensive online services. International academic publishing assertions relating to digital publishing and dissemination: the publications without online (not online), it would not exist if not interconnected (not linked), nor can it exist.
digital publishing and dissemination of electronic documents, including academic information in the form of video journals or papers, blogs, podcasts, and full-text databases, various forms of opening warehousing. Surveys show that since the beginning of 21st century, academic information online usage is increasing at an annual rate of 50%-100%, science and technology journal, current online use much more than paper. Main reasons are: advances in technology, network access, and easier to use, more and more journals use online mode, access to print journals became increasingly difficult.
digital publishing and communication not only for academic journal publication format, but also, to a large extent also affect the mass media. Due to the influence of online publication and dissemination, a number of reputable newspapers have even been forced to change the publishing model. As United States second big newspaper group, and Chicago Forum reported and Los Angeles Times of issued party--forum newspaper group (Tribune Co.) Yu December 2008 application has bankruptcy protection; in science prestigious of United States Centennial big reported--Christian Science PR reported (The Christian Science Monitor) due to paper sales sharply fell, Yu April 2009 up "abandoned paper Internet"; Washington Post its of news weekly Because paper release contracting sharply in May 2010, is up for sale.
according to the evolution of publishing and communications, the world's largest science, technology and medical publishers Elsevier (Elsevier) Publishing Group's Chief Designer Dr Bradley Allen will be the development of academic journals is divided into the following three phases.
(1) paper copy phase (1600s-1980): academic results in the form of books or journal articles published, paper spread, through library research and acquisition.
(2) phase of digital library (1980-2010s): academic results in the form of books or journal articles published, digital form, use a search engine to retrieve and access.
(3) service platform stage (2010s-): the academic achievement program (applications,apps) and application programming interfaces (application programming interfaces,APIs) publishing, digital form, through social network discovery and access.
can believe that academic publishing in transition from traditional to online forms is only just beginning. Based on online communications and access to information technology for development, factors such as academic information needs of researchers, leading international publishing and academic associations attach great importance to the digital publishing technology and integration services, strengthen the construction of information service platform of digital. In journals (social) production and operation level, for edit, and published and marketing provides full of network platform support and guarantees, is modern journals (social) survival and development of based; in information spread level, with academic information online search and gets of increasingly universal, academic published inevitable to trend Yu "online and interconnected", this on requirements modern journals in content published aspects must has fragment of, and knowledge, and semantic of, and Visual of, features, that academic information of released to concern in was "people understanding" of while also to was " Computer understanding "information communication technology must pay attention" editing, multi-channel publishing "means of communication.
in fact, academic journals published forms, means of communication, structural changes have been made that read periodicals market and profit model of journals, and great changes have taken place. In the 1980 of the 20th century, the leading international publisher's investment is mainly in the field of digital publishing, Elsevier, Springer and other world-class journals publishers were completed in early 21st century from the traditional publishing model to the evolution of digital publishing mode, income is gradually relying on digital products. For example, in the periodical income of Cell Press, 2006 network products and paper journals about the same, by 2010, revenue increased 100% from network products, from a print periodical income decreased by about 50%; again, Elsevier's journals revenue in recent years, revenues from digital products than print products revenue.
in recent years, as China's press and publication of new policies are proposed, and Chinese academic journals ' industrialization and digitalization and internationalization pressures are also increasing. International journal publications to academic resources and market concerns growing, our domestic academic competitiveness of sci-tech journals are increasingly worrying. Chinese academic journals focusing on how to compete with the international journal publishing high quality papers at the same time, better to accelerate development and the development of its own brand of digital products, enhance the service capabilities of online publishing, and online publishing and communication speed. Digital publishing modern academic journals () magazine capacity of basic embodiment, periodicals (social) based on sustainable development in this area if the problem cannot be solved independently established world-class academic journals is almost impossible to discuss. BACK

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