How can real estate advertising company born to die

Sue companies will have some help.
has just joined the ad era when everything felt fresh on real estate advertising. Like a sponge, absorbing, whatever he is good advertising and bad advertising. And then with a passion, write, nobody knows whether the copy, show Director of trembling. Still remember very clearly, at that time the only standard is whether creative. But what are ideas? Though his was no standard. Later successively access to some good advertising promoted by the Commissioner. For example: class, 17 miles, Merlin champagne town ... ... These ads and some unintelligible, ferocious, and some context taotao.
in retrospect, real estate advertising at that time flourishing real estate advertising dominates the newspaper again and again, every Thursday and Friday, reading the newspaper real estate ads become the norm in people's lives. In particular the emergence of a thick stack of special issue on real estate, bond paper print, complete a pair of high specification treats VIP gesture.
about in 2008, as the regulation brought the property market cools, with the arrival of shouted by many experts in the property market inflection point, in real estate advertising as we stand in the market experienced unprecedented chill. Many developers are suddenly stopped, property advertising company is facing massive job cuts.
those projects that are still operating in the market, to advertising requirements have changed. They have only one index, volume of customers. Direct result is that formerly flourishing real estate ads, one night suddenly spring to become the same. Because of impatient party becomes exactly the same requirements for advertising, title, phone number, price, discount on, or even directly on the floor plan. Since then, a word just kept circling in the advertising agency's head--effect.
here, perhaps you noticed, this scene was so familiar. Indeed, we do not just experiencing this now! Madness in 2013, 2014 real estate directly to fall off a cliff, across a whine. Projects that sales of fire before suddenly cooled, good coax goal before, is now completed and a few.
and the previous condition is, real estate ads started to get confused. Yiqian, the market is bad, but we know the main means of communication is to rely on newspapers, outdoor media, and other media for help. Now, the market is equally bad, but we just came to the conclusion, the newspaper is invalid. Asked what is the most effective, I believe that practitioners are not the answer. Outdoor work? SMS work? Radio work? Network work?
from the perspective of ROI, these advertising media are becoming more expensive.
for a while, national real estate industry started doing Twitter version. Each project saying, do a few Twitter version, be sure to spread enough to be fun. All this free media play from afar. Has gone through the test of time, now Twitter depending on your artwork has gradually fallen out of favor. Turns out, this isn't a straw, just another Twitter draft common imaginary freak party a and party b. Says he is a geek, not much. Just communication, entertainment, and also a sieve.
now, the app is most popular. As a result, developers have switched to the app platform. Yiqian, advertising agency writing soft, wide, while others are demanded to a micro-letter one. Customers are tired of being push the app harassed. And the emergence of so-called new media companies and directly to fans, as the temptation to party a's weight. Many party is maintained by fans up on the surface of brittle confidence.
look, these companies there is little truly new media promotion planning, whether it is post, Twitter, micro-drafts, on topic, and on the relevance of the project, there are serious quality problems. Effectiveness of new media and many are unable to do so. There used to be a REF, they finished, results of these new media are not updated in a timely manner. The meeting, asked about the matter, said they had said only 3 articles a week before Twitter or micro-letter. Suddenly now completely silent. BACK

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