International China's most influential academic journal rankings released

Recent survey data suggest that, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai institutes for biological sciences Biochemistry and cell biology Research Institute sponsored by the journal Cell Research, international was cited in 2013, highest academic influence.
statistical units through most international rankings of academic journals published in China and for Chinese academic journals "brand".
16, belongs to the China academic journals electronic magazines of Tsinghua University International launched the country's most influential academic journals and China's international and domestic academic journal citation reports. In this report by Tsinghua University, China in the report of the International Research Center for evaluation research in the academic literature, comprehensive statistics of publishing more than 6,400 species of Humanities and international citations of scientific journals. Statistics show that in 2013, the total 4021 scientific journals been invoked at least once, cited documents as 278,235, total citations for 467,851 times.
in the international release of China's most influential academic journals, Cell Research and Nano Research at Qinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai institutes for Biological Sciences the Molecular Plant of the Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, the Chinese Pharmacological Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences of the Chinese Science Bulletin in the top 5. In the top 10, except for 10th place is bilingual journals, the other 9 are English-language journals.
according to the evaluation of the literature research center of science and technology Deputy Director Wu Junhong, China introduced, 3 consecutive years the Centre has launched the international influence of Chinese academic journal report. By 2012, the world does not have a comprehensive, objective, impartial and reflect the international influence of Chinese academic journals evaluation system, and the internationalization of Chinese academic journals is very negative. The statistical results is the use of data analysis methods, search from over more than 14,000 journals in the world.
can be seen from the statistics, academic journals in our country with a certain level of influence. BACK

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