Inventory: 2014, and we say goodbye to paper media

at the end is always to have a year-end summary, this is sad "Farewell" topic--in this age of new media, 2014 the number of print media out of the US?
the Psychology magazine Psychologies
Hearst owned the Psychology magazine Psychologies of China founded in France, founded only 5 years, ranked women publications issued in second. Now 12 versions, high-end women over 4.6 million monthly readers. In China in 2006, has achieved great success in five years, and lots of high-end female readers.
monthly magazine issued a statement on September 30 at weibo, thank you for the attention and support of Psychology Digest magazine, but due to certain factors, the monthly magazine from November 2014 temporarily xiukan.
evening news
the evening post was founded in 1999 in Shanghai, is a part of Jiefang Daily newspaper group's new Metropolitan evening news, through continuous system and mechanism innovation, and innovation, becoming new forces representative of the mainstream media. Daily average circulation of 750,000 copies, to booming new trend shows mainstream newspaper style. Official xiukan of the
of the evening news on January 1, 2014, it was Shanghai media group in integrating Jiefang Daily newspaper group and wenhui Xinmin United newspaper group in 13 since the founding of its first xiukan newspaper.

the daily news
the news every day is sponsored by the Shanghai media group of major daily newspapers published in the morning, daily circulation of more than 500,000 copies. Newspaper adopts the international mainstream Metropolitan thinking and thinking, attention, and celebrities the editing program, breaking the traditional news setting.
on April 24, 2014 in the daily news newspaper front pages publishing xiukan notice says on May 1, xiukan.
real estate times
the real estate times by Jiefang Daily newspaper group (later integrated into Shanghai media group) in cooperation with the Shanghai municipal housing and land administration Bureau, founded on January 2, 2001, is public information, practical, service-oriented newspaper. Based in Shanghai, for the country, in an authoritative, accurate, useful, good for the purpose, to General residential consumers as the main target audience.
Shanghai media group in July this year, issued a bulletin announced the real estate times since August 1, 2014 xiukan.


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