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Under the changing pattern of the media industry, International Forum on innovation and development of Chinese periodical media situation, organized and conform to ecological structure and public opinion of the profound changes and refresh for the periodical industry ideas, share lessons learned, provides opportunities for industrial cooperation, explore new and innovative development path is important.
party's 18 session suggested that the integration of media resources, promoting the development of traditional and emerging media integration. Central leading comrades on traditional media and emerging media integration put forward clear requirements, made a specific deployment. These point out the direction for the development of periodical industry. Therefore, the development of periodical industry and will be on the on the path of innovation, into the latest digital dissemination of ideas and cultural elements, moving towards a more open, diverse, interactive, equal, individuality, inclusive direction.
recognition development insist on transformation and upgrading of
according to the latest General press statistics, by the end of 2013, registered 9877 published journals total, total annual print run of 3.27 billion, operating income of 22.2 billion yuan. In the context of digital technologies impact, while the total print run of periodicals and printed on slightly decreased, but operating income, total profit than the previous year, have significantly increased, reflecting the good momentum in the development of China's periodical industry and the greater potential. Mass consumption class journals aspects, published units in adhere to published quality of while, active upgrade user on itself content and products of attention and concern degrees, launched has phone magazine, and iPad magazine, and network information library, and mobile client, products, and carried out has micro-Bo, and micro-letter marketing and e-commerce activities, journals digital products in by all number, and concern heat, and business income aspects are made has bright eye of results. Academic journals, in China in 2013 a total of 163 scientific journals international retrival of the Science Citation Index (SCI) included in 2012, increasing 9. Nonlinear Science and numerical simulation of communications, the top 10 journals such as molecular plant into the same journal the first 1/4 in the world; research into Chinese reality and traditional Chinese culture as the main thrust of the outstanding social science academic journals from the international circle more and more attention. China Journal, published in Chinese Government Award journal Award and "top journals" as representative, formed a number of political, academic, professional, public service brand of journals, for the development of industry-wide innovation provides the basis for products and brands.
but, we also to awake to awareness to, face international journals quality Boutique of, and run cluster of, and market fine differentiation and competition globalization of trend, China journals faced of situation is severe: by new media strong development of effect, journals industry faced readership loss, and social influence weakening, problem, overall business situation more severe, digital transformation yet found mature clear of profit mode; by long-term planned system of management policy and resources configuration way of effect, journals industry "small bulk weak" Problems hinder large-scale intensive development; lack of brand with international influence and voice, research published in foreign journals most, resulting in substantial loss of academic achievement few professional journals irregular function of alienation, loss of control is a serious problem, publication of poor quality paper to charge layout fees continue to exist and individual periodicals or to blackmail the grass-roots level, charging protection money for profit. Present situation and development of China's periodical the world advanced level there is still a gap, not adapted to the rapid development of digital technology, and socio-economic development and science and culture of the people there is still a demand distance. Only awareness of problems and challenges faced by, to enhance innovation and development of China's periodical industry dynamics.
18 of the party since the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to information publishing. Central led comrade in recently of once speech in the pointed out that, China publishing in made great development of while, current also in a transformation upgrade of important moments, must from three a aspects be active promoted: a to achieved by published powers to published power of upgrade; II to achieved by scale number to quality benefits of upgrade; three to achieved by traditional industry State to emerging industry State of upgrade. "Third," "three-liter" both goals and tasks, and measures and requirements, reflecting the expectations of and effective guidance of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, has a strong pointed, instructive and operational.
in-depth implement Central spirit caught journals development opportunities
this year yilai, national news published radio seriously learning implement XI General Secretary important speech spirit, promoted news publishing continued health development, in full attention news publishing faced of opportunities and challenge in the, General party proposed current and future of a period within must squarely and processing good following four a relationship: a is squarely and processing good "volume and quality" of relationship, to put upgrade publications quality put in highlight location to caught ; II is squarely and processing good "book and read" of relationship, to put promoted universal reading as national strategy, in more out good book of based Shang, constantly perfect selected book, and recommended book, and storytelling, and exhibition book, and sent book of long-term mechanism, construction reading powers; three is squarely and processing good "reported and paper" of relationship, active promoted traditional media and emerging media of fusion development, with advanced technology spread advanced culture, gave birth to new industry State, extends industry chain; four is squarely and processing good "statements and line" of relationship, to through news published products these carrier, These "words" and "literary" better "line" up and out to the world, long pass, trying to occupy the high ground in world cultural exchanges and integration, confrontation, fighting for initiative, to deal with the "right to say no, say not open" problem. BACK

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