Should adhere to the characteristics of development of academic journals

Front the 35 anniversary of the development of social sciences academic periodical development workshop was held in Changchun, nearly hundred from the social sciences in China, and the China Social Sciences abstracts, academic journals such as the Xinhua Digest editor and edit the scene wipe vest.
, Jilin provincial Academy of social sciences (social science) full-time Vice President, Party Secretary and President, mark thought, President of social science front magazine, currently, China faces the unprecedented challenge of academic journals. Explore ways in which hosts academic development, achieving academic breakthrough, enliven academic resources, academic journals need to think about important issues.
How to stick featured troubled comprehensive development of a "old problems." Liu Wenshan, editor of the Jilin University Journal social sciences believes that characteristics are relative, is based on the publication of the purpose, location and audience, geographical coverage and other specific circumstances, gradually explore some of the different different from the other. The river journal editor Han Pu g believes that the characteristic development of academic journals, we will issue to develop an academic discussion, to promote innovation in academic development. Chinese style and Chinese academic journals to China's position, Chinese academic journals of academic discourse and to promote innovation in China's academic discourse.
participants felt that academic journals are academic heritage and accumulated important carrier. The development of academic journals, is an important indicator of the level of civilization of an era, an era of cognitive abilities and the embodiment of the spirit of the times. Contemporary challenges in the development of academic journals, we at any time, should fairly reflect the latest academic research results in a timely manner and actively lead the academic development, academic development and pointed out that difficulties and problems.
of the social science front, founded in May 1978, at the end of 2012, issue 210, thousand published articles, containing a total of over 120 million. At the meeting, participants reviewed the academic course of the social science front, journal characteristic development conducted in-depth exchanges. Party Secretary of the Jilin provincial press and publication Bureau of radio and television Hu Xianwu, Vice-Secretary Yao Yu, Director and Party Secretary of the Jilin daily Bing Zheng, message, Secretary of the Jilin Police Academy attended the seminar.
future, characteristic development is necessary to continue development of academic journals BACK

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