Study on China hospital magazine available

A few days ago, the magazine China research-oriented hospitals in Beijing and formally published. The magazine is by China research type hospital learned Honorary President, and PLA General Qin Galaxy Deputy Minister editor of national first research type hospital management monographs and by China research type hospital learned hosted of
research type hospital management a book is 2004 Shi any PLA General Hospital Dean of Qin Galaxy first in domestic proposed research type hospital concept and led full hospital carried out research type hospital theory research and practice activities of experience summary. The magazine China Research Hospital is approved by the State press and publication Administration launched the "bilingual" magazines, adhering to the "international, quality, differentiation" editorial policy, to create world-class excellent journals, and contributed to "research-oriented hospitals" discipline system, promoting the construction of modern hospital quality and level of development.
it is understood that the magazine China Research Hospital is the first in English and innovation of hospital management and hospital comprehensive science and technology journals BACK

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