The study of Qing history again in 2014-"the international influence of China academic journals"

Recently, the Institute of history of the Qing dynasty by the Chinese people's University academic journal sponsored by the journal of the study of Qing history, once again appeared in the "international influence of China academic journals."
"2014 international of China's most influential academic journal" and "2014 international academic periodicals in China" by China International Center for evaluation research in the academic literature, the Chinese academic journal (CD) limited, jointly issued by the Tsinghua University Library electronic magazines.
the released of China academic journals influence research report, is by China academic journals electronic magazine and Tsinghua University Library joint established of China academic literature international evaluation research center development of, through statistics China published of more than 6,400 more species Humanities Social Science and technology journals of international was introduction frequency, selection out TOP5% (175 species technology journals, and 60 species Humanities social science journals) as "China most with international influence academic journals", and TOP 5%-10% (175 species technology journals, and 60 journals in Humanities) as "the international influence of China academic journals."
compared with the previous two, this report made several important innovations and improvements, such as the development of statistical standards, the introduction of qualitative analysis, eliminating interference of academic misconduct literature and false references and so on, making the results more objective, true and accurate. Reporting methods for data analysis, statistical extends over more than 14,000 journals in the world.
according to the statistical analysis, from 2012 onwards, TOP10% Journal of international citations for 3 consecutive years of substantial growth. Among them, the periodical growth 18% of science and technology, social sciences periodicals rose as high as 25%; not indexed by Web of Science's total of 197 Chinese sci-tech journals cited more than the 1067 journals included, 118 species of Chinese social science periodicals total citations above included 76 journals. Marked a large number of Chinese academic journals of Chinese periodicals in particular has become a brand with an international influence.
it is understood that after 2013, it is the study of Qing history again for inclusion in the list, 2014-only selected historical journals. BACK

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