You are counted! Advertising an opponent you project plan

Advertising monitoring data can be seen from the CTR market research: 31,710 number 2014 national television advertisers in the first half, compared with the first half of 2013 31,911, 201 left television advertisers.
advertisers away from the TV for many reasons, either because the companies listed, the annual celebration of television advertising on such a big, big and not every year, are without long-term spending on TV; although some SMEs also on television, advertising investment cannot compete with large enterprises in the same industry, and ultimately out of regret in the competition, only a tearful farewell to television. These advertisers are not within the scope of this article.
here, I would like to give up television for those who choose other media advertisers say a few words and left the TV, the road ahead becomes too sorrowful, I will bless you in the smiles and hope in the years away from the television, you take care of yourself.
the opportunity cost: lost "staging the world know",
you take care of your own
influence and market share, now the TV is still the world's largest media. New media, especially new media develops very fast, and are in the process of rapid growth, Internet penetration rates are still less than half the TV. Micro letter
everyone, we know that the micro-read an article on the letter if the number could reach 100,000, would have been very high. But a television audience size, are tens or even hundreds of millions of CCTV, for example, the annual Spring Festival evening ratings over 30%, or average minute audience of over 300 million; the daily news ratings more than 12%; some important matches of the World Cup, Olympics, ratings can exceed 5%. So television can produces "world on stage know, a call center e" appeal that other media cannot do.
Gold black hole absorption: 56.1% Internet advertising was not seen, you take care of your own
/>CTR market research companies in the advertising media selection intentions survey showed that Internet advertisers apart from TV second choice.
of course, the Internet has developed quickly, but the audience's tolerance for Internet advertising is always very low, most advertising can be avoided, the advertiser's money boondoggle. According to the United States, Forbes, December 7, Google (Google) recently acknowledged that more than half of the ad appears on the screen for less than 1 second, while the Media Rating Council (MediaRatingCouncil) the definition of "ad at least 50% of pixels appear on the screen for at least 1 second" is to be seen. According to this definition, the Google owned DoubleClick and its display ad platform, 56.1% ads not seen by the user. Market research firm comScore data shows that 46% advertising is not seen. Advertising was not seen some of these reasons include: users scroll to ignore past, advertising has failed to inject, or put in a "Viewer" is a software program.
because of this, many of the Internet companies to expand markets, instead of using the influence of television in order to achieve their goals. Such as Tencent, Baidu, Sina, 360, Ali, Beijing East, go to the shop, 1th, in recent years have CCTV's advertising.
policy risk: national daily are in demolition outdoor advertising,
you to care you himself
left TV zhihou, also has a advertising main came to has outdoor, so problem to has: outdoor advertising easy effect municipal city, in Beijing Games, and Shanghai Expo Eve, local business, and municipal sector are on outdoor advertising for had severe regulation, country more is daily are in demolition illegal violations of outdoor advertising brand, you convinced you of brand can stands not pour did?
all is fair: his opponent's "to do" plan, you take care of your own

some advertisers away from the television is due to hear opponents don't do TV anymore, so don't do it. Wait until the season, only to find opponents on television, great hands and feet, without delineating TV resources in advance, wakes up his opponent in the project plan.
the past few years, we did not see the message less, say cosmetic giant, home appliance Giants decided to cut TV and other traditional media budgets, to be dominated by the new media in the future, many colleagues believe, quickly followed, finally found on the television is still the most active companies, wanted to television package. So have only themselves to blame toosimple! sometimesnaive! Business as war, all is fair.
has a post titled the return car TV marketing article, the author is forest fire, analyzed this car a few years away from the television to the return process of TV, said it well:
thought the Internet tide, TV marketing seems to be "after life". But why so many car companies choose to return, checked TV marketing again this amendment? Regardless of is British Infiniti sponsored dad to where and tongue Shang of China, Dongfeng Citroen sponsored began's, also is Changan sponsored color Chinese, and Dongfeng Nissan sponsored Giants feast, end, enterprise of nature is created and let du consumers recognized of value, all of marketing must return to consumers of concern original points, to maximize to achieved and created itself value. Television is such an origin. BACK

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