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Professional theories
Professional theories
Mark: Mark logo is to show features of loan words. Its simple, visible and recognizable images, graphics or text symbols for Visual language, apart from the mark, instead of what also has the role of expression, emotion and acting.
flag, in accordance with the used functions can be divided into: the trademarks, logos, logo, Enterprise, culture, social activities, social, service, transportation, environmental labels, marks, symbols, and so on. As a special way of human visual contact, ubiquitous in social and productive activities, the unique function of more and more important. For example, national flag, national emblem, flag in public places, traffic signs, safety signs, sign operation, a variety of domestic and international events, conferences, sports events, as well as the postal transportation, finance, finance, agencies, organizations, companies and individuals stamp, signature and almost had to show his characteristic logo. With the increasingly frequent international exchanges, signs direct, image, not subject to language barriers and other features extremely beneficial to international exchange and application of rapid promotion and development of the international logo, Visual transfer is one of the most effective methods. We in the development of China, has long been recognized that! All units and individuals have in the development of early realized that designing a logo. Characteristics of
1. Functional
marks the essence of its function. Despite of their ornamental value, but signs are not primarily in order for people to watch, but for the practical. Irreplaceable and unique features. Logo especially having force of law and to protect their interests for a particular mission.
2. Identification sign
the most prominent feature is easy to identify. Display characteristics of the thing in itself, marked something different meaning, attribution of differences and is the main feature.
3. Significantly
significant marks another important characteristic besides invisible sign outside, the vast majority of sets of signs is to draw attention. Therefore strong eye-catching colors, graphics simple and clear.
4. Diversity
flag variety, a wide range of uses, in terms of its type, form, means of expression, is rich in diversity. The application form is not only flat, cubic, figurative abstract graphics, imagery, composition, and color composition. Most of the logo is made up of several basic forms.
5. Artistic
design logo should have some degree of artistry. Meet the practical requirements and is consistent with the principles of aesthetics. I personally advocate individuality. In General, the flag more attractive to and infection of men of art, give an impression of strong and deep.
6. Accuracy
flag no matter what, what, whether it is moral or symbol, its meaning must be accurate. In particular were identified, first of all to understand, is consistent with known psychological and cognitive ability. Second to be exact, avoid unintended multiple solutions, or misunderstood, particular attention should be taboo. People at a glance, and accurately understand and correct in a very short time, this sign is better than language, in the language of strength.
7. Persistent
flag is different from advertising or other publicity materials, and generally have a long value, it is not easily changed.

creative design principles and steps, appropriate forms of artistic expression and concise, summary of expression, so that it has a high degree of beauty, best visual effects, is a sign I pursue. Actual sign is condensed out of a simple easily remembered symbols.
• first understand the intended use of the object, scope, and related laws and regulations, such as the situation and deeply understand the premise of its functional requirements.
• consistent with the object's Visual ability, aesthetic awareness, psychosocial and taboos. Different countries and regions, not the same people.
• ideas to specific issues, analyses, to deep, clever, innovative, unique, meaning accurately, able to withstand the test of time.
• composition of white cloth to keep black condensed, elegant, innovative. Graphics, symbols as well as concise and summarize, and explain the problem.
• color simple, full of change. Moral of color is based on specific needs and specific analysis. Color is feeling,:, such as changes in temperature, distance, light, soft and hard. Color is emotion, color in two kinds of emotion, such as: Red positive emotions are energy, hope is the danger, fear, negative emotions. In short, or strong, bold, or simple and dignified. ... ... Should be just right. Element colors, such as blue is most used in electronics, telecommunications, science and technology, the majority. Green is used mostly in agriculture, forestry ... ... Various colors have their own characteristics, and don't take up too much space here.
several logo of positioning and idea technique
a, and simplified general positioning:
1, to name of text positioning (Chinese, and English, and pinyin)
2, to name of graphics positioning (characters, and animal, and plant, and building, specific real)
3, to name of graphic tie positioning
4, to representative object of external features positioning
5, to representative object of internal features positioning
6, to representative object play of effectiveness positioning
7, in order to highlight the symbol character position
b, logo idea of the way:
• image manipulation: uses and flags objects directly associated with typical image, the mark was dumbfounded. This is direct, clear, clear, easy to quickly understand and remember.
• symbolism: a sense of contact with the symbol content of graphics, text, symbols, colors, etc, such as metaphor, describing the abstract meaning of symbol objects.
• moral technique: with symbol meaning similar or has the meaning of the image, to insinuate, hint, hint shows signs of content and features.
• simulation techniques, with characteristics similar things to imitate or match the logo object characteristics, or means of manipulation.
• Visual approach: there is no special meaning simple and unique abstract graphics, text or symbol, gives a strong sense of modernity, Visual impact, or comfort, attention and unforgettable. Mainly depends on the meaning of this approach does not rely on a graphical images, characters or symbols of Visual power to sign.
to sum up, is expressed in three different forms:
1. Figurative forms: basic faithful to the objective image in its natural form, refined, summarized and simplified, highlight and exaggerate their characteristics, as the subject matter interested graphics. This form has the recognizable characteristics.
2. Images: some images of the forms as the basic ideas, decoration, abstract, graphic symbols or text form.
3. Abstract: in a totally abstract geometric shapes, text or symbol to represent the form. This graphics often have a deep meaning of abstract, symbolic meaning or mystery. This form tends to have a strong sense of modernity and symbols, easy to remember.
when there is no design and creative thinking to do? 194 here look at the graphic design and creative development of ideas.
flag constituted expressive
• order methods: balanced, homogeneous, symmetric, radiation, bigger or smaller, parallel, or move up and down, out of place, orderly, regular, rhythmic form of Qin graphics, giving one a sense of regularity.
• contrast: color contrast with the color, such as black, gray, red, yellow, blue, and so on;-and-contrast, such as large, medium and small, thick and thin, square and Park, curved and straight, horizontal and vertical, gives a vivid sense of.
• point, line and plane method: can be used in large, medium and small dots, Yin and Yang provisioning changes; can also use lines, weight right and wrong fall; can also be purely with a point either combination of point, line and plane woven, give one a sense of individuality and rich feeling.
• space techniques, graphic next pros and cons about reversed, after dislocation posed a particular space, gives one a sense of novelty.
• share approach: two graphics are combined together, edges are shared with each other, as if you have me, I have you to form a complete graph, such as yin and Yang taiji edges shared.

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