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Gift box design

Gift box design

Gift packaging is "love": the
gift giving each other the minute hand is an expression of feelings. Maybe just a few small gifts of money, also it takes hundreds of high-end gifts, but their love is an expression of the value is the same as gift in good faith. Beautiful packaging makes the recipient see gifts one eye a strong sense of being respected, thereby increasing the gift of goodwill and trust. The first step is to win business success.
Gift packaging design "fashion": the
packaging is not only an art, and marked with a fashion. 2007 popular style is the guise for gift wrapping: a personalized package will become the focus of popular original. Combined with the simplicity of the new season trends, innovation in the packaging uses a variety of new composite materials. SINA Internet business cartoon character toy packaging, bold incarnation will be applied in food packaging bags for gift wrapping materials and achieve unexpected results. The brightly lit new aluminum composite material can be used to highlight the product on the inside on one side and metallic silver printing enterprise culture. Packaging materials by hot press molding, materials, wear-resistant, lightweight, easy to transport and low prices. Once the promotion has played a good promotional effect.

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